Eliminate Coupon & Rebate Fraud

Coupon & Rebate fraud in the U.S. exceeds $600 Million annually.
To help eliminate these incremental costs to the system, we use a decentralized, shared ledger called a blockchain that cryptographically secures the integrity of individual coupon/rebate transactions and the privacy of everyone involved – customer, store, and brand/manufacturer – to eliminate fraud.

Other unique benefits include:

  • Create customized offers that track to individual users
  • Prevent duplication through built-in DRM protection
  • Apply bonus values to targeted products to drive incremental value

Manage & Localize Budgets

Delivering mobile coupons and rebates built on Blockchain technology to local markets and retailers gives brands control of their budgets with offers that they can control in real-time and through pre-set time parameters.

Other unique benefits include:

  • Cap delivery and time out offers to effectively manage budgets
  • Deploy bonus values triggered by consumer action, on targeted products, to drive incremental value
  • Flexibility allows you to deliver your highly targeted offers to specific markets, retailers and demographics

Capture the 27M Unbanked U.S. Consumers

This group makes little or no use of formal financial institutions. They represent nearly $1 Trillion in purchasing power annually. Secure and private value exchange using blockchain technology will serve this largely neglected and highly valuable consumer.

  • Deliver incentives and rewards to consumers with one consistent form of value across all brand activities worldwide.
  • Customers redeem for specific products and services.
  • Value can be exchanged securely across borders without excessive charges and security issues.


The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transaction that can be programmed to record financial transactions and virtually anything of value.”